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Highlights from SMG's VIP Event

Oct 9, 2013

Tt was the best Grand Opening they have ever had and in the first two weekends they sold over 2,000 tickets, which is extremely high for them. There were around 200 people at the event on Wednesday, October 9. There were complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before the screenings. Guests mingled in their completely revamped bar/restaurant/lobby area. They offered a choice of three movies, which were staggered in times. The first screening was Gravity, the second was Rush and the third was The Fifth Estate, which hadn’t even come out yet. So, it was a sneak peak, which was pretty cool. It seemed like most people attended Gravity. The theaters are very spacious. They’ve all been remodeled, as well.

The staff suggested the guests enter the theaters a bit before show time so they could get seated and order their meals, which were also all complimentary. The service was fantastic. They have a full menu, everything from ceviche lettuce wraps and salads to burgers and wraps. If anyone ever hit the little button on their seat, whether it be to clear the food/plates or order a drink, a staff member was there almost immediately. But, it was not a distraction for the rest of the movie-goers. They were all extremely discreet.

The whole evening was very fun and the place looked fantastic! Please check out the attached photo.